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We can advise on any asbestos related issues but we specialise in dealing with those hoping to purchase or rent a house, flat or small business premises, but are concerned that asbestos may be present within the property. Alternatively, you may already own a house, flat or small business premises and are concerned that asbestos is present or has been disturbed.

How we Operate

We look at each case individually but there is an overall process which we have outlined below. The process is the same for all property types. The process usually starts with a telephone conversation or an email, and information about the property is collected, including the location, age, type and current use and occupancy of the building.

  • From this information we can best advise on whether sampling of suspect materials only is required, or whether a full survey is necessary. We can also discuss at this point the extent of the survey to be carried out, ie, whether carpets can be lifted (in order to gain access to hidden floor covering) and whether intrusive works are required (ie, if gas appliance are to be removed, it may require the services of a qualified gas fitter to disconnect the gas supply prior to the survey. It is common to find asbestos containing materials above and behind gas appliances).
  • Once it has been agreed in writing (or an email) which service is required, a date and time for the site visit can be arranged. This often involves arranging a convenient time with the current occupant of the building or key holder. These arrangements usually need to be carried out by the person commissioning the survey, as permission for the surveyor to enter the premises needs to be agreed by the property owner and the tenant or agent responsible. It is important to stress at this point that, in the case of a full survey, access to all areas of the property will be needed in order to carry out a thorough survey.

    The site visit will then be carried out. The duration of the site visit will depend on whether sampling of only one or two suspect material has been agreed (up to half an hour) or whether a full survey is being carried out (typically up to two hours for a three bedroom semi-detached house). The full survey will usually involve the drawing of the layout of the property, sampling of suspect materials, photographs and the duration of the survey is dependent on the age and complexity of the building and whether intrusive works are to be carried out.

    Once the site visit has been carried out, any samples taken are submitted to a UKAS accredited laboratory for analysis. Typically, it will take three to five days for samples to be analysed and certificate of analysis to be issued. At this point, the certificate can be issued to you if sampling only has been carried out. If a full survey has been carried out, it will usually take another three to five days to issue a full report to you.
  • The certificate of analysis or survey report is normally issued with the invoice for the works, and these can be issued as hard copies (posted to you) or in electronic format (using a pdf file). Once you have had a chance to read the certificate of analysis or survey report, we will then be happy to talk you through the safest procedures for dealing with any identified asbestos containing materials, whether that involves leaving the identified material in situ, provided that it is likely to remain undisturbed, or whether the services of a contractor licensed to work with asbestos will be required, to make safe any damaged asbestos containingmaterials, or to have the materials removed.


Some of the facts. Some of the fiction.

What Is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous mineral. The most common types of asbestos in the UK are Chrysotile (white) Amosite (brown / off-white) and Crocidolite (blue asbestos). Asbestos fibres can be very small – up to 700 times smaller than a human hair. Because it is fire-resistant, resists many chemicals, and is an excellent insulator, asbestos was added to a variety of building materials and other products up until 1999 in the UK.

Why use Asbestos?

Because of it's heat, fire, acid and alkali resistant properties and because it was a very effective and relatively cheap bonding agent, asbestos has been used as a component in many building materials which are commonly found in most buildings in the UK, up until 1999. As these building materials age, and are subjected to the day to day activities which are associated with normal building use, they are likely to deteriorate and become damaged (ie, during regular maintenance work).

Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos exposure can result in a number of asbestos related diseases, including Mesothelioma, asbestos related lung cancer, and asbestosis. In 2010, more that 4000 people died from these diseases in the UK, and the numbers are thought likely to increase until 2015. Many of the deaths associated with asbestos exposure today are believed to be due to exposure to asbestos between 20 and 50 years ago.

Asbestos Hazards

When asbestos containing materials are disturbed, they can liberate asbestos fibres into the air. If building occupants breath asbestos fibres into their lungs, the fibres can remain dormant in the lungs for many years, and result in a number of asbestos related diseases which are often physically debilitating and quite often fatal. Buildings constructed after World War 2 up until the mid 1970's are most likely to contain the most hazardous asbestos containing materials.


Each job is different...


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Oliver from London

I found that provided a very thorough and efficient service when I needed to eliminate asbestos from a rental flat in London. Andy Easton explained what needed to be done in order to achieve this and I found him very helpful.

Mary from London

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